Where can you watch PSL 9 2024

Pakistan Super League 2024

In PSL 9, participating teams include Karachi Kings, Lahore Qalandars, Multan Sultans, Peshawar Zalmi, Quetta Gladiators and Islamabad United, creating a tough competition for the upcoming PSL 2024 (PSL 9).

Cricket Training: PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE 2024

PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE 2024 (PSL 9) is not just about cricket; it includes entertainment, including music, to create an attractive and attractive atmosphere for its fans. Budget: PSL 9 Pakistan Super League 2024


Business expenses: The business expenses for PSL 9 have been brought back and increased from Rs459,500,000 to Rs544,500,000. A cut of Rs85 million given by the previous government has been restored. Defense Expenditure: A reduction of Rs56 million has been made in the defense budget, which has been revised from Rs286 million to Rs230 million, including environmental changes.

Advertising Expenditure: There is no change in advertising expenditure, remaining at around Rs6.5 million for that
PSL 9 Profit: PSL 9 revenue, a significant part of PCB’s revenue, increased from Rs 675 million to Rs 725 million, with a turnover of Rs 50 million. Expected Net Profit: PCB is expecting a net profit of around Rs 1.945 billion for PSL 9 Season 9.
Where to watch PSL 9 live? Some of the channels that have broadcast PSL 9 matches in the past include:


Pakistan: PTV Sports, Geo Super, Sports.

India: DSport, Sony Pictures Network (Sony Six and Sony ESPN), Sports. United Kingdom: Slow Sports
United States: Willow TV
Middle East and North Africa: OSN game
Australia and New Zealand: Fox Sports
Canada, Vietnam: Willow TV
South Africa: Supersport
Bangladesh: START TV (GTV)
Caribbean: sports flow
You have: PSL 9 Pakistan Super League 2024:
February 17:
Match 1: Lahore Qalandars against Islamabad United, Stade Gaddafa, Lahore (8:00 P.M.)
February 18:
Match 2: Gloratiors VS Peshawar Zalmi, State Gaddafar, Lahore (2:30 p.M.)
Games 3: Mullan Sulrans Vs Karachi’s Karachi, many footballs, many (8:00 p.m.)
February 19:
Match 4: Lahore Qalandars vs Qtteta Gladaator, Stardium Gaddafi, Lahore (8:00 P.M.)
February 20:
Games 5: Sultans Surnans Vs; Gardenad United States, many Stick (8:00 P.M.)
The 21st of February:
Games 6: Peshawar Zalma vs kaiti kazari, Lahore (2:30 P.M.)
Games 7: Mullan Sultans Vs Lahore Qalendin Stadium, many (8:00 p.m.)
February 22:
Games 8: QueTa Gladiators vs Islamate United, The Stadium Gaddepha, Lahore (8:00 p.m.)
February 23:
Match 9: Mullan Sulrans vs Peshawar Zalmi, many sports sports, many (8:00 p.m.)
February 24:
Games 10: Lahore Qalandars vs Karchi, Lahore Gaddafi, Lahore (8:00 P.M.)
February 25:
Games 11: Mullan Slulvans VS Quetra Gloratiors, Great Cricket, Multian (2:30 p.m.)
Match 12: Lahore Qalandars vs Peshawar Zalmi, State Gaddafar Lahore (8:00 p.m.)
February 26:
Match 13: peshawar zalma vs Imabad United, State Gaddafi, Lahore (8:00 P.M.)
February 27:
Gallay 14: Lahore Qalandars vs Multun Somandun, Stadium Gaddafi, Lahore (8:00 p.m.)
February 28:
15: Kack of the King Vsdabed linked together, national balls, Karachi (8:00 p.m.)
February 29:
Games 16: Kinda VS Q Qerta Droutors, Stadonal Bank, Karacha (8:00 P.M.)
March 2:
Games 17: Peshawar Zalmi vs Lahore Qalanders, Pindi Cricket, Rawalpindi (2:30 p.m.)
Match 18: Islamarabad United VS Q. Quarta Gladiators, Rawli Cricket Stake, Rawalpindi (8:00 p.m.)
3rd of March:
Match 19: Karchains voting Valan, Stadial Bank, Karachal (8:00 P.M.)
March 4:
Match 20: Islamanad United In Vs Peshawar Zalma, Pictive Cricket Stake, Rawalpindi (8:00 P.M.)
March 5:
Match 21: Peshawar Zalma vs Mulation Staken, Rawalpindi (8:00 P.M.)
March 6:
Games 22: Glorative vs Karaches, Pindi Cricket, Rawalpinndi (2:30 p.m.)
23: Islamic game and vs lahore qalandars, the Pindi Cricket, Rawalpindi (8:00 P.M.)
March 7:
24 games
8 March:
Match 25 peshawar zalma vs queta Glatitors, Codice Stadium, Rawalpindi (8:00 P.M.)
March 9:
Game 26: Over the Kize of King Lahore Qaahore Qalanders, Stadium Bank, Karachi (8:00 P.M.)
March 10:
Games 27: Islamaded United in vs Mulation Staken, Rawalpindi (2:30 p.m.)
Match 28: Gloatitors vs lahore qalandars, Stadial Bank, Karacha Bank (8:00 P.M.)
March 11:
Match 29: Karessar kings Vassawar Zalmi, Stadial Bank, Karachal (8:00 P.M.)
12th of March:
Match 30: Gloriatiors VS Mulective Sumper, Stadioal Bank, Karacha (8:00 P.M.)
March 14:
Match 31: (1 vs 2), Stadium Bank Bank, Karachi (8:00 P.M.)
March 15:
Games 32: Eliminator 1 (3 vs 4), Stadence Bank, Karachi (8:00 P.M.)
March 16:
Match 33: Eliminator 2 (Champion is winning vs Tagfiff), Stadial Bank Bank, to

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